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How do Catholic schools help you to have
a strong relationship with God?

Catholic Globe report

“I feel close to Jesus when I am at my Catholic School. We learn about God and Jesus in Religion class. When it was our Mass I was a reader. Every day I always pray. We gave cards to the shut-ins. This is how I feel close to Jesus.”
Doris Pena, second grader at Seton Grade School, Algona

“Because they teach you about Him (God) and we get to go Church every Friday. We also get to sing at church and read at church. We also get close to God at our school because we have a class with Father Roder.”
Abbi Boysen, fourth grader at Danbury Catholic

“My school, St. Mary School, helps me to understand that God is always with me and that He loves me even though I am nothing compared to Him. The one and only great almighty God, is my Father. St. Mary School helps me to have a strong relationship with God that will last forever.”
Isabella Luu, fifth grader at St. Mary School, Humboldt

“We go to mass every Thursday. We have religion in school to learn about Jesus. We pray the rosary together. We pray every day before school starts, at lunchtime, and at the end of the day.”
Tommy Kollasch, sixth grader at St. John School, Bancroft

“St. Mary’s helps me is so many different ways! They push you to your fullest potential. Teachers know your strengths and your weaknesses. Here at St. Mary’s they make sure you know right from wrong and that you are always making good decisions. Discipline is important to all the teachers. One of the best things, though, is that we have the right to pray and talk about our God. We can also participate in Mass. It makes us feel like we are a part of something important. Many important values are taught at St. Mary’s. Respect is expected. Compassion is also shown to everyone. But if you don’t do your best and show integrity, it’s going to be very hard for you to improve. Teachers here are eager to help. That’s what makes this education so special. To be able to get the help you need and to be able to talk about our God is all you could ask for in a school.”
Catherine Russell, seventh grader at St. Mary’s School, Remsen

“Catholic schools help me to have a stronger relationship with God because I am always surrounded by people who love Him as much as I do.  I am always reminded that I should be thankful for what I have, and that I should love and care for everyone.  Catholic schools have taught me that service to others is important.  My Catholic school has brought me much closer to God, and will continue to do so.”
Amanda Wilmesherr, eighth grader at Mater Dei School, Sioux City

“Catholic schools allow me to have the opportunity to have a strong relationship with God. We are able to pray several times throughout the day to ask for His help. We are also able to have adoration and confession to better connect with Him. Lastly, we have a religion class every day where we learn how to follow God’s word and how to practice our faith.”
Renae Drey, sophomore at St. Mary’s High School, Storm Lake

“Matriculating at a Catholic school has greatly affected my relationship with God. The religion courses I have taken offered me the opportunity to learn more about God and, in turn, have helped me to better worship Him. The welcoming, friendly environment of a Catholic school allows me to practice my faith freely and express myself in a way that I would be unable to do in a public school.”
Mathew Bowden, senior at Kuemper Catholic High School, Carroll

”Catholic schools help to build a strong relationship with God by creating an environment where he can always be found. It is easy to find faith and to practice our religion here. Having mass once a week and going to reconciliation also helps to aid in creating a close relationship with God.”
Kollin Rottinghaus, senior at St. Edmond High School, Fort Dodge

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