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Buy a CD, build a church

By RENEE WEBB, Globe editor
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If sales from his music CDs ever went big-time, Father David Hemann told the Lord that he would pay off the new church being built at his parish – Sacred Heart in Ida Grove.

Sales might do fairly well, but as he noted, he isn’t selling a million.

“Then I thought I should do it the other way around – take a fresh CD that I’m excited about and give 100 percent of the profits,” said Father Hemann.

He pointed out that the Sacred Heart Parish family is made up of about 240 families and not all are in the position to donate to the new church. Sacred Heart is presently in their second three-year fundraising campaign and they have well over $1 million more to raise for the $2.8 million-plus church and parish hall.

“With a small group of people, building a church is a huge task,” Father Hemann said. “I want to reach out to the people of the diocese. I want to reach out to my brother priests and we are going to start in my own parishes.”

The priest even came up with a catchy slogan: Buy a CD, Build a Church.

Father Hemann is contributing profit of his latest CD, Oasis, for this project.

The suggested donation is $20, but larger donations are also welcome – $50, $100 or even $20,000.

“We are in desperate need to pay this off,” said Father Hemann, who noted that the parish has been working to save funds for a new church since 1997. And while they are in need to pay off the church, he stressed the fact that he has been very pleased with the generosity of his parishioners.

A groundbreaking was held for Sacred Heart’s new church last July. It is in a Romanesque cruciform style.

“When you walk into the church, there will be no question as to the fact that it is a Catholic Church. We took all of the ‘diamonds’ out of the old church like the windows, statues and various things and we are placing them in a new setting,” said Father Hemann, who equated it to an old, tarnished ring that had many valuable jewels that would be placed in a new setting.

Construction is proceeding well, he noted, with anticipated completion at end of October this year.

He finds it fitting that the CD for this project is Oasis as the pastor said he believes a church is an oasis – a place of refuge “where you can come out of the dryness of the desert, the world, and get your canteen filled up with grace so you can go back into the world.”

If you wish to purchase a CD, make checks out to Sacred Heart Catholic Church P.O Box 244 Ida Grove, Iowa 51445. The CD is available on the web – www.

(Please use direct mail for donations larger than $20.)

If not already, it should be available on iTunes very shortly.

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