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Rosary featuring Bishop Nickless now available on DVD

By RENEE WEBB, Globe editor
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When a request came in from an area nursing home seeking a replacement rosary on tape, it became an opportunity to do a little updating.

Not only did the nursing home’s well-used tape feature the former Bishop of Sioux City, Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, but it was available on a VHS tape, a format that is becoming outdated as less VCRs are in use.

Bishop R. Walker Nickless, who has shepherded the Diocese of Sioux City for the last five years, graciously agreed to lead the rosary and current technology would be used.

“We decided to make a DVD so that nursing homes could use it and it would also be available for others to pray with their families or anyone who would like to have it in their home,” the bishop said.

Last fall, Bishop Nickless led the rosary with several members of the chancery staff and some students from Holy Cross School at Blessed Sacrament Church in Sioux City.

“We taped the four Mysteries of the Rosary,” noted Bishop Nickless. “Before each of the decades of the rosary, I read a little Scripture passage to help us reflect on what we are praying about.”

The bishop said it is important to him to do all that he can to help people pray and many find the rosary to be of value to them.

“I think it is having a bit of a resurgence especially among our young people who never had the chance to pray it very often and others who know the power of the rosary and what it can do,” he said.

Bishop Nickless prays the rosary every day and he asks Mary to intercede for the diocese. It gives him a chance to reflect on his various responsibilities as bishop and “to pray as others do for our families and for our friends. The rosary is an important part of my daily prayer.”

He recalled that as a child, especially during May, his family would kneel and pray the rosary together after dinner.

While the rosary has had deep tradition through the years, the bishop acknowledged that devotion to the rosary fell off for a while. That is possibly why, he added, that Pope John Paul II in October of 2002 wrote a letter on the rosary that was titled The Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was at that time when the pope added the
Luminous Mysteries.

“Since Lent has begun, I would encourage people to pray the rosary everyday or at least on Fridays,” Bishop Nickless said. “And if they want to learn more about it, they can take the time to read the pope’s letter.”

After he became bishop, because of his dependence on the intercession from Mary, he said he prays it more than he did in the past. He encourages all Catholics to rediscover the value of the rosary. Following the season of Lent, the bishop is hopeful that parishioners will continue this pious practice of praying the rosary on a daily or weekly basis.

Two copies of the rosary DVDs are available in the Diocesan Media Center. They can be checked out by schools, parish religious education programs or individuals.

How to get a copy of your own:
The DVDs may also be purchased for $10. Make your checks out to the Diocese of Sioux City and send to: Diocese of Sioux City, 1821 Jackson St., PO Box 3379, Attention Jeanne Piechota, Sioux City, IA 51102.

Apostolic letter
Find Pope John Paul II’s letter: The Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Vatican’s Web site – www.

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