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Jumpy Monkey: The fundraiser that keeps on giving

By MICHELLE DELANEY, Globe staff reporter

The temperature is quickly dropping, more snow is accumulating and with every decreasing degree, it gets harder and harder to get out of bed. What better motivation is there than a warm delicious cup of coffee to help you start your day off right?

That’s just what some schools were thinking when they decided to start a Jumpy Monkey coffee fundraiser. St. Mary’s in Remsen and Spalding Catholic in Granville are participating in the fundraiser.

This is the first year that the schools have teamed up with Jumpy Monkey to do this fundraiser.

The idea came from Jim Bride, one of the founders of Jumpy Monkey and a member of the Catholic Schools Foundation Board. He suggested the fundraiser in an effort to help Catholic schools and Opportunities Unlimited (OU).

In addition to coming up with the fundraising idea, he will donate $1 to the Catholic School Foundation for every bag of coffee sold.

“With that money, the Catholic School Foundation can distribute extra money to people who don’t qualify for the Msgr. Lafferty Tuition or don’t qualify for assistance and still need help,” said Kristie Arlt, director of communications and stewardship.

Spalding Catholic Schools in Granville will sell Jumpy Monkey Coffee year round, but they recently kicked off their Christmas campaign last weekend. The development office is in charge of coordinating the fundraiser and they have been sending information out to families and students.

“It has a fantastic story, it helps the individuals with disabilities, it helps the school and it gives people a very good product. I’ve tried it myself and it’s fantastic. It’s a win, win, win, on all fronts,” said Dan Goebel, development and enrollment director at Spalding.

It has not been decided where the money will go to yet, but Goebel thinks the funds will end up going to technology and some of the school’s other basic needs.

“It’s gone better than I have anticipated. It was just this weekend that it was put in the church bulletin and we already have 27 packages sold,” said Goebel.

Remsen St. Mary’s School has also recently started their Jumpy Monkey fundraiser. Right now, the grade school and elementary school are competing to see which class can sell the most bags of coffee. The winning class wins a pizza party.

“It’s really a triple fundraiser, for the individual school, for Opportunities Unlimited, because they get the business that helps keep the disabled with gainful employment, and then the dollar that goes to the tuition,” said Norine Harvey, development director of Remsen St. Mary’s School and Church. “You can’t get any better than this.”

While Remsen will also sell Jumpy Monkey throughout the year, they are currently working on getting orders in for the Christmas season. The money raised at Remsen will go to local tuition assistance.

Both schools have their own special coffee flavor. Spalding’s is called the Spalding Signature Blend and Remsen’s is the Remsen St. Mary’s Roast.

In 2003 Jumpy Monkey Coffee Roasting Company was acquired by Opportunities Unlimited in Sioux City. OU is a rehabilitation facility that assists individuals who have sustained a traumatic brain injury, a spinal cord injury or other physical disability by easing them back into everyday life.

OU’s mission strives to “maximize personal potential through dignified and purposeful living.” One way that OU accomplishes their mission is to offer services in which clients can work to earn a paycheck. The Jumpy Monkey company creates numerous jobs for OU clients. With this in mind, buying Jumpy Monkey coffee through the school fundraisers not only benefits the school but a worthy cause as well.

“They have been so generous at Opportunities Unlimited and they have been so easy to work with. We look forward to doing more and more business with them,” said Harvey.

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