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Catholic School Choice
School exemplifies charity, compassion

By JOANNE FOX, Globe editor
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DANBURY – Ken and Kim Boysen believe Catholic schools provide morals to their students, which was why they enrolled their six children in Danbury Catholic.

“Morals help you to become a better person, more charitable and compassionate,” Kim said. “We need more people in the world to possess these traits.”

Both Boysens graduated from Maple Valley High School – Kim in 1982 and Ken in 1984. They married Dec. 7, 1991, at St. Mary Church, Danbury. Kim’s son Eric, from a previous marriage, is 31 years old and married.

The couple’s children are: Melanie, 21, a senior at Buena Vista University; Nicole, 19, a sophomore at Buena Vista University; Drew, 18, a senior at Maple Valley-Anthon-Oto High School; Alison, 15, a sophomore at MVAO as well, and Abigail, 11, a sixth grader at Danbury Catholic.

All their children attended Danbury Catholic School.

“We were both raised Catholic,” Kim explained. “Ken went to elementary school at Danbury Catholic though I only attended one year of Catholic school. We decided to raise our kids Catholic as well. We deeply believe in the faith and wanted to pass on those values to our children.”

Ken liked their children’s faith was enhanced by their education at Danbury

“I feel like more morals are taught in Catholic schools, which was a big factor for me,” he said. “They learn more in depth about religion than a Catholic child attending public school.”

Funding continues to be a challenge for Catholic schools, including Danbury Catholic, Kim acknowledged.

“The major thing is funding for everything the school needs; newer technology, improvements and upkeep to the building which was built in the 1960s, and trying to keep tuition affordable for everyone,” she said. “There is also an issue with getting enough students to attend in a small rural community.”

Cost is often cited as another challenge facing Catholic schools and often an issue cited by parents who prefer public education.

“There is tuition assistance that is available now,” Ken responded. “If the parents’ income is too low, they are qualified for the Msgr. Lafferty Tuition Assistance. An investment in your children when they’re young with a religious background can be a lifelong gift that you can give them.”

The Boysen children enjoyed their time at Danbury Catholic, Kim reported.

“They liked going there,” she said. “They enjoyed how they were taught to act with respect and to try to be a better person in general as well as in faith. They felt their teaching environment was more conducive to learning more than at a public school.”

The phrase, “Good things come in small packages,” could be applied to Danbury Catholic, Ken noted.

“Even though it’s a small town in size, it does an excellent job with teaching children their faith and what it means to be Catholic,” he said. “Also, the teachers seem to care more about the education they provide and their students than most places.”

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