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Survey says …
Newspaper given high marks

By JOANNE FOX, Globe editor
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With apologies to the television show Family Feud: “Survey says…”

Well over half of the subscribers to The Catholic Globe read half or the entire edition of the paper when it arrives.

Also noteworthy: More than 80 percent of Globe readers consider the newspaper to be sometimes or always timely and informative.

Those were the top two results from a direct mail survey/cover letter mailed in November to a sample of 1,000 households, randomly selected out of the total subscriber list of 23,000 households.

The Globe commissioned the survey in hopes of collecting reader input on its editorial content and news value. The survey asked for subscriber opinions on content and the information value of the newspaper.

The survey was conducted by an independent research firm, Blue Earth Marketing of Sioux City. The goal of the survey was to generate between 143 to 201 responses that would yield a standard error factor of +/- 3 percent.

Ultimately, 195 completed surveys were returned which translated to a response rate of 19.5 percent, very close to the 20 percent goal anticipated by Blue Earth.

The sample consisted of 500 households who pay for their subscription and 500 households who are parish-subsidized.

Of those responding, 66 percent of surveys were from individually-paid subscribers and 34 percent from parish-subsidized subscribers.

Highlights of the survey are as follows:

– 54 percent of respondents read every edition of the paper
– 66 percent read half or all of the editions
– 81 percent consider The Globe timely and informative
– 71 percent prefer to receive The Globe in the mail
– 54 percent rated Bishop Walker Nickless’ column most informative

While some respondents indicated concern about parish-paid subscriptions, overall most respondents valued the actual newspaper and read it regularly.

Six percent of respondents indicated they could not afford the subscription.

Demographic data indicated 81 percent of the respondents were female; 74 percent were age 55+ and 60 percent have attained some college up through a master’s degree or higher level.

Results of the survey regarding editorial content, columns and other suggestions by the respondents are being reviewed by the staff to determine how best to implement those recommendations.

For more details on the survey contact Joanne Fox at (712) 255-2550 or

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