Colds, cold weather and furry ‘friends’

Coughing, sneezing, body aches, blowing noses and more! This winter was the first time during my marriage that my husband and I have had a cold at the same time. Vitals_CoughColdOTCMeds

As most married couples know, men and women usually deal with being sick differently. I definitely agree with this. However, since I am married to a farmer, I caught myself thinking my husband was acting like a baby because he stayed home from work.

Pretty sure he deals with a cold differently than I do, but I don’t have to work outside all day in the cold and in hot hog barns. I sit inside all day at a desk and I don’t have to do physical labor either.

After looking at things from his perspective, which I’m still learning to do, I could see that being outside would have made having a cold even more miserable. Just one more thing I needed to learn among the many, many more to come.

Furry ones

Not only do colds come in the winter, on a farm what do you think comes inside when it is cold outside? MICE!!

I learned this the hard way. I inadvertently left food (in a wrapper) on by desk in the office. The next day when I went up to the office, the wrapper was torn and I saw mouse droppings on my desk. YIKES!

Although this was my fault, my husband just said, “I’ll set a couple traps in your office.”

Since that incident, I have been much more careful about leaving food around. We have caught a few mice. This city girl even carried the mouse trap with a mouse trapped in it to the garage to dispose of the mouse cringing all the way.

More adventures from the farm are sure to come up again soon. Till then, have a blessed weekend all of you out there who read this blog.

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