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Le Mars parish mission to focus on perpetual adoration


                LE MARS – Next month All Saints Parish will host a mission that ultimately will help to promote perpetual adoration throughout the diocese.

A Eucharistic Mission for Perpetual Adoration will be held at the parish’s St. Joseph Church Feb. 4 to 9. Father Louis Guardiola, who is a member of the Fathers of Mercy, will give talks in the church each night at 7 p.m.

According to Deacon Tom Henrich, parish contact person for the mission, St. Joseph Church is one of two locations in the diocese that offers perpetual adoration.

“We started perpetual adoration back in 2013 in our parish,” noted the deacon. “We have found it to be incredibly inspirational, valuable – a powerful prayer tool for our parish and the diocese as a whole in general.”

Deacon Henrich explained that by hosting a mission with this particular focus, they have hopes to highlight the power of the Eucharist, the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and “his calling to each one of us to spend time with him.”

Father Guardiola’s talks, the deacon said, will emphasize why spending time in adoration is important for all.

Talks include:

  • Sunday – The Value and Importance of Eucharistic Adoration
  • Monday – The Sacred Heart and the Holy Eucharist a Divine and Human Intercommunication of Love
  • Tuesday – Angelic Eucharistic Warfare: The Angel of Pardon and Peace Fatima 1916
  • Wednesday – Social Transformation through Eucharistic Transformation
  • Thursday – The Holy Eucharist: Communion Sacrifice and Real Presence Sacrament

The Fathers of Mercy, Deacon Henrich explained, is an order of priests from Kentucky whose primary apostolate is leading Eucharistic missions to help spread perpetual adoration. The priests also lead various retreats. Given the demand of these missions and retreats, this upcoming mission in Le Mars was booked 18 months in advance.

Father Guardiola, he noted, will give his talk with the Blessed Sacrament exposed and will be available for confession before and after his presentations.

“What we are hoping to do, by making this available to the diocese in general is to help encourage others parishes to begin offering perpetual adoration,” Deacon Henrich said. “We want them to come, participate and see the value in it to see if that is something their parish would like to begin as well.”

While this is a parish mission, All Saints Parish is inviting all people of the diocese to attend. There is no cost. The talks will be given in the main body of the church, rather than the adoration chapel, to ensure ample space.




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