Values matter in diocesan Catholic schools

Dear Supporters of Catholic education,

During Catholic Schools Week 2017 (Jan. 29-Feb. 4), we celebrate with pride and optimism the success we are experiencing in our 16 Catholic school systems in the Diocese of Sioux City – Where Values Matter.

While honoring our rich history and tradition, we are embracing the future by nurturing every student’s faith life and God-given talents and by making a Catholic education affordable for our families. Here’s a snapshot of our progress:

  • FAITH FORMATION – We take faith formation very seriously in our schools. Developing a child’s faith life works best through parent role modeling. I am happy to report that we are partnering with parents on faith preparation for their children. By collaborating with parents, we can achieve lasting results in helping students express and live out their faith for a lifetime.
  • GOD-GIVEN TALENTS – Because nurturing each child’s God-given talents is critical to our mission, we have integrated the Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) in all of our schools. MTSS allows us to recognize and address each student’s level of instruction in reading and in the future math, further assisting learners to reach their full potential.
  • AFFORDABLE TUITION – In our ongoing support of parents and families, the church and schools have worked tirelessly to reduce financial barriers to make school tuition affordable through School Choice and Education Savings Accounts. Great opportunities could present themselves in the 2017 Legislative Session, encouraging us to redouble our efforts in these areas.
  • PASSIONATE COMMUNITY – We would not be able to make these strides without the strong faith-filled community of administrators, educators, and staff in all of our school systems. We are truly grateful for their passion and dedication, which are essential to our collective success.

During Catholic Schools Week and beyond, I encourage you to spread the word about the value and promise only a Catholic education can provide. In doing so, be sure to visit and share our website for inspiring videos and testimonials,

Yours in Christ,


Dr. Dan Ryan

Superintendent of Schools

Diocese of Sioux City


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