Catholic Schools: Instruments to spread Gospel, do Lord’s work

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

Once again, I am pleased to celebrate Catholic Schools Week with you at the beginning of this new year, 2017. Our Catholic schools continue to develop and grow as instruments of the church to spread the Gospel and to teach the truth of our faith, proclaiming the Lord’s works. This year our schools are updating their strategic plans with goals they will strive to meet over the next five years. Planning allows us to reflect on our achievements and dream of what can be accomplished.

I congratulate all of our schools for their strong focus on our mission. Throughout my time in the Diocese of Sioux City, I have seen the growing passion our administrators, teachers and staff have for teaching our Catholic faith. Everyday these living examples guide the next generation of Catholics towards a future relationship with Jesus Christ where they focus on developing their God-given gifts to fulfill his plan.

The local boards of education and committee members serving on our strategic planning committees have dedicated their expertise and time to creating a vision for the future. Together, each one of these groups fulfills an essential function so that our schools will continue to flourish for many decades to come.

Please join me this Catholic Schools Week in congratulating every individual who supports our schools. I give thanks and pray for all of you as we continue to celebrate the gift of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Sioux City.

Your brother in Christ,

 Most Reverend R. Walker Nickless
Bishop of Sioux City

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