Back to reality after the Christmas season

I’m back! I bet some thought I forgot about writing about life on the farm. I didn’t forget. I have been busy with Christmas festivities. I was thrust back into reality last Thursday after some time off (back to that after a few paragraphs).

On Tuesday, a lot of us were home bound because of icy roads. I was supposed to travel to Sioux City on Tuesday morning to put together the first paper of 2017. God spoke very clearly to me when I set out to travel to Sioux City – “It’s too icy. Go back home.”

As I attempted to drive on the skating rink, I started to slide down a hill and my car turned in the direction of home. This was my sign that I was supposed to go back home and wait till the roads were safe to travel again.

As I sat at home that morning, I reflected on the Christmas season this year. What a glorious time! I was able to spend time with so many family members and friends. RoseRosary

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the GIVING part. I was able to give my Christ Renews His Parish sisters a very special gift. When my editor Joanne was in Rome recently, she brought back rose rosaries blessed by Pope Francis for my sisters in Christ. I thought long and hard about what I was going to get for them and thought this would be a special token to pray the rosary with.

Lucy holding the play dishes from Rodney and me for her "kitchen."

Lucy holding the play dishes from Rodney and me for her “kitchen.”


Though Lucy’s sister, Anna, doesn’t really get the gift part yet, she is just cute, so I wanted to share a photo of her.

The other gift I couldn’t wait to give was to my niece, Lucy. She is two and a half and very much LOVES opening presents. It wasn’t so much what Rodney and I got for her, but the look of excitement on her face when she opened it. PURE JOY! This is very much one of the reasons for the season.

Though the holidays were filled with joy, there were still people missing. This was the first year Rodney’s father, Merlin, wasn’t with us for Thanksgiving or Christmas. While he was definitely missed, we remembered him by telling stories, laughing and reminding everyone what Merlin would have said if he was in the room.

I was able to celebrate Christmas four times – with Rodney’s mother’s family, with my immediate family, with Rodney’s immediate family and with my mom’s family. All were very special and joyous.

The members of the Devereaux family who were able to make it to celebrate Christmas in Laurens.

The members of the Devereaux family who were able to make it to celebrate Christmas in Laurens.

One of my favorite memories from the season was when I was able to take a picture with my mom’s family in the church hall at Sacred Heart in Laurens on Jan. 1. My mom asked me to bring my tripod so we could take a family picture while we were all together. It was fun positioning 45 people into one picture.

In the center of the picture is my 95-year-old grandmother, Mildred Devereaux. It was amazing watching her as her descendants gathered all around her. Yet another instance of PURE JOY!!

Thank you to all the people who brought JOY to my life this Christmas season. Thank you to all of you who read my blog. Though I don’t always know who you are, I truly appreciate you and pray for you.

Keep warm in this cold weather. Stay safe on the icy, snowy roads. I will be back soon with more from the farm.

Have a blessed day!

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