Practice, practice, practice

If practice, practice, practice is what it takes to get to Carnegie Hall, then the same holds true for singing at St. Peter’s Basilica. Today was rehearsal at Sant’Andrea della Valle Church with the other 300 voices from all over the United States. Msgr. Maestro Massimo Palombella, director of the Sistine Chapel Choir, welcomed us and explained how logistics were still being finalized for the Papal Consistory at which the new Cardinals are pronounced and the “red hat” or biretta is conferred. His hope was to allow enough time after the ceremony for us to meet Pope Francis. That is our hope as well. The rehearsal went well, even with the Latin words, which a soprano sitting across from me admitted they never sing that in their church. The afternoon took us to the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. It is impossible to convey the beauty we experienced. I know it touched our hearts and souls. The Cathedral of the Epiphany choir sang later in the day at Santa Croce in Jerusalem Basilica.

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