Ancient Rome

It was all about ancient Rome for the Cathedral of the Epiphany choir. The walking tour took us to the area of the Seven Hills where one could appreciate the powerful Roman Empire. Our trek included the Roman Forum and the most famous of all amphitheaters, the Colosseum. We had a panoramic trip by bus around the area and saw the Circus Maximus — think Ben Hur. Perhaps the most moving aspect of the day was the Christian Catacombs. I had visited them previously so I waited while the others experienced this profound aspect of our faith. Buying souvenirs has been a big part of this trip and it has been fun to see what people purchase. Matthew Geerlings got a small holy water font for the Cathedral choir loft. Erin Nelson bought a medal of the Immaculate Conception. Michael Danner purchased a Pinocchio figure. Alex Fox is on a search for a replica of the Pope’s ring. No luck so far. –Joanne Fox

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