20th Annual Bishops Dinner in Sioux City, Iowa

12 Months: Marking our first anniversary

Wow! I have been married for a year already. So much happened this year and it went SO fast.

Nov. 14, 2015 was a beautiful day. I married the love of my life and shared the day with my family and friends and Rodney’s family and friends, who we now consider as OUR family and friends. I have so many wonderful memories of that day.

Since a wedding is just one day and a marriage is for a lifetime, we have been creating lifelong memories all year long.

After the high of the wedding day and the holidays last year, we settled into married life. As you all know, I was not a farm girl and probably still would not totally consider myself one. For the most part though, I have adjusted to life on the farm and working from home.

There are other aspects of being a farm wife that might take longer to adjust to, but that is what a lifelong marriage is about, right…Adjusting to each other’s quirks, differences and knowing there will still be aspects of this life I will be constantly learning for years to come.

Some of the highlights of our first year have been…

December 2015 – Spending the holidays with each of our families.


At Disney’s Magic Kingdom

February 2016 – Our honeymoon and first big trip together to Orlando, Fla. We enjoyed having alone time together and going to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure.

March 2016 – Celebrating our niece Lucy’s 2nd birthday and welcoming her sister, Anna, to the family. What a joy to have nieces!!


Here we are on a boat in St. Mary’s Lake in Glacier National Park in Montana.

July 2016 – Spent time with some of my cousins at a cabin in Yankton. In late July, we spent a week in Montana with the LeFebvre family seeing Glacier National Park and celebrating a wedding.

November 2016 – We will celebrate our One Year Anniversary by going to see the musical White Christmas and attending the Iowa v. Nebraska football game the day after Thanksgiving.

April through November – I had the privilege of gardening, freezing and canning with my husband. I definitely IMG_1918didn’t do as much as he did and I totally give him all the credit. I am definitely still learning. The last items we still have to dig in the garden are potatoes. He digs and I pick them up and put them in the bucket. Teamwork is what it’s all about, right ?!

Throughout the year, we celebrated our marriage by going out to dinner or doing something special on or around the 14th of the month. It was nice to slow down and take time to talk to my husband and commemorate each month of the first year of our marriage.

Thank you to all of you who have read my posts throughout the year. I enjoy your comments and meeting some of the readers in person.

I will continue to pray for all of my readers and ask that you pray for my husband Rodney and me as we start another year of marriage.

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