Cathedral Choir rehearse music for Rome

General Audience

If it’s Wednesday in Rome, that means it’s General Audience day in St. Peter’s Square and Diocese of Sioux City pilgrims were there to experience it first-hand. Logistics of moving folks from the hotel to the bus to the square meant a 7:15 call but that didn’t dampen any spirits. Getting the pilgrims to the square early allowed us to be 8 rows from the route of the Popemobile. The universality of the church was clear as several languages could be heard around us. When Pope Francis appeared, the joy exploded. He waved, kissed babies, anointed a woman in a hospital bed and let kids ride with him. His remarks on the Year of Mercy were in Italian, but were condensed into other languages. Later in the day, pilgrims walked through the Holy Door. Just before dinner, we made our way to St. Igatius of Loyola Church, where the Cathedral of the Epiphany choir sang 2 songs during Mass. –Joanne Fox

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