9 months: Team work and a road trip

Nine months have gone by so quickly! Some days it feels like just yesterday and other days it is like we have been married for years.

As all of you have been reading, the garden is our project for the summer. Corn on CobMost recently, we canned dill pickles and froze corn. When getting ready to put corn in the freezer, my husband picked and shucked the corn. I cut the Cut corncorn off the cob, made batches of our corn mixture and bagged the corn for us and my parents.

Through all of it, I have realized we actually make a really good team. Good thing, huh, since we are married.

Teamwork is a big part of a marriage. There are things I excel at and things Rodney excels at. There are a few things we both do well, but we compliment each other well with the different skills we have.

Another instance of teamwork in the last few months was our road trip to Glacier National Park in Montana. Yes, we drove almost 20 hours across four states to meet my family for a week of vacation.

I started the trip at 1 a.m. driving down our driveway since we decided to drive straight through on the way to Montana. Rodney doesn’t like driving in the dark, so he slept for the first leg of the trip. From there we took turns driving and sleeping.

It was a fun time seeing my family and spending time in the mountains. I have included a few photos from the trip below. Enjoy the beautiful sights!!

Until next time, thank you for reading about life on the farm and us newlyweds.

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