On the road to WYD-Poland

My name is Kara Bentz. For those of you who don’t know, I am one of the travelers currently in Poland for World Youth Day. I’ll be writing posts throughout this pilgrimage about day-to-day events, experiences, and reflections.

I will say: I’m a processor. I don’t simply go to an event and immediately know what God wants for me or what to take from each day. I know what I personally can offer up to God, but it takes me time to reflect on my experiences and his design for each experience and encounter. With that being said, I am very grateful for the chance to blog about World Youth Day. Writing will allow me to process (with a keypad) and for you to follow along as I do.

A little information to get you started: We flew out of Omaha on Saturday afternoon and arrived in Chicago around 4:15 p.m. After a delay and an eight-hour international flight, we made it to Warsaw and began traveling to Krakow.

Due to a delayed flight, we missed our previously scheduled Sunday Mass; however, this opened up a pretty amazing opportunity. A beautiful group of sisters invited our small group of six to their church. It was a lovely community that the sisters lived in with a very simple old church. Father Patrick Behm celebrated mass for the remaining five of us, our tour leader, and one of the sisters. After Mass, nearing midnight, our hosts sent us on with prayers, smiles, and A LOT of sandwiches.

Reflection: Even though we were unable to attend our original Mass, God provided in every way possible tonight. He granted safe travels and generous hospitality. Most importantly, he granted our group a way to start the pilgrimage off in the most appropriate way – sharing our savior’s body and blood with one another. After all, we are all on this trip to grow closer to the Lord. What better way to do that than by celebrating Mass with your brothers and sisters in Christ?

To wrap up this post, it is important to note that a pilgrimage is not a vacation. This trip will involve suffering. Pope John Paul II says that World Youth Day should have suffering! So, I will end each post with a daily suffering.

Daily Suffrage: The two-and-a-half hour delay for our international flight on top of the four-and-a-half hour layover was frustrating, especially with several tired travelers at midnight. But I am praying fervently for patience this trip.

Please keep us in your prayers!

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