Adventures in mowing

Since I have lived at the farm, I have helped with what I could in the garden and planting flowers. The other night I decided to help mow the lawn to save Rodney some time. MowingMe

I mowed the lawn growing up, but I used a push mower. That didn’t prepare me for using a zero-turn riding mower. Last year I used the mower once and did okay once I got the hang of it.

When I took another crack at mowing with this interesting piece of machinery, I was doing okay until I tried to go down a steeper slope than I had before. It had rained that day so it was a little slippery.

Before I knew it, I was sliding into the barbwire fence and couldn’t get myself out of this pickle. As much as I rocked the mower back and forth, it wouldn’t budge. I finally had to give up and let the mower stop before I got off of it and went to get Rodney.

He came to the rescue and got the mower going again and out of the fence. I learned that I should let him do the steep parts of the lawn before I really get myself hurt.

MowingFeetFor those of you who know me, just imagine how hard you would have been laughing at my debacle once you knew I was okay – thank God for that.


The rest of the mowing experience went well and I helped my husband save time in the process. Rodney was able to trim while I was mowing.

My advice to those wanting to use a zero-turn mower – make sure someone is around just in case you get into a worse situation than I did.

I hope you come back and read more about my farming adventures. I am sure I will have more for years to come.

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