7 Months: Gardening, driving the truck

Another month has passed and my husband just keeps surprising me. Who knew! Though he may have forgotten that our seven month anniversary was on June 14, he still had “just because” flowers on the counter when I came home on June 15 from a couple days in Sioux City.

Rodney may not know this but I like that he keeps surprising me. It helps me continue to find new reasons to love him.



Not only does our love keep growing, but the garden just keeps getting bigger and better. We have harvested lettuce, radishes



and broccoli, so far. All are wonderful and have been fun to share.

In no time we will be harvesting much more from the garden and I will continue to share with you and with others.


My view from the truck. (By the way, I stopped the truck before taking the picture)

Some other fun adventures at the farm have been happening as well. I was “allowed” to drive my husband’s truck for the first time recently. I think he was a little nervous, but it was nice for me to know that I can drive a truck just as well as a car.

We also received a new truckload of cattle last week and one load left. As weird as it might sound, it is nice to see the cattle out the window and know I have some company out on the farm.

Farm life has been all new and different for me. I was definitely a city girl, but now I am a farm wife with city girl tendencies. I will always love to shop and go out to eat, even though I am coming around to being a farm wife and cooking most of my meals.

Until next time, have a great weekend and I will write again soon.

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