Fort Dodge plans Patriotic Rosary for June 26

FORT DODGE – A Patriotic Rosary to be recited at 3 p.m., June 26 at Corpus Christi Church, was a New Year’s resolution of sorts.

On New Year’s Eve 2015, three Catholic women from Holy Trinity Parish gathered in the Sacred Heart Chapel to “pray in” the New Year. One woman, a member of the Legion of Mary, brought along copies of a Patriotic Rosary booklet printed by Caritas of Alabama.6-16american flag

On page 11, it illustrated the usual rosary prayers along with special intentions, five patriotic readings and five patriotic songs. A brief intercessory prayer for each of the 50 states was uniquely offered, in alphabetical order, before every Hail Mary.

During the next few days, one of the three women – Marian Pickhinke – could not forget her chapel rosary experience. She contacted her friend, Wynn Touney of Fort Dodge.

“I told her, ‘Here is an answer for hope and strength in this scary, confusing election year,’” Pickhinke said.

Together, they worked with Holy Trinity Parish leaders to plan a Patriotic Rosary event, held just a week before the caucuses. The KC group provided two of the five reading volunteers. The chapel was nearly filled with close to 60 people attending.

The Patriotic Rosary will again be recited this year, Pickhinke reported.

“We wanted a date close to the Fourth of July when more people may be focused on the moral condition of their country,” she said. “This date also falls in line with the USCCB Fortnight for Freedom Program.”

Pickhinke has a long devotion to the rosary.

“Since my mom, Anna Steffes of Carroll County was a rosary maker for 28 years, and she named me Marian, it shouldn’t surprise me that our spiritual mother, Mary, seemed to grab my heart last New Year’s Eve in the chapel,” she said.

In the front of Corpus Christi Church on June 26, there will be a flag and Divine Mercy picture to remind those participating of the purpose of the Patriotic Rosary.  A supply of booklets was donated, so guests may keep them, if desired, for later personal use or to mail to military or veteran friends.

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