‘Olympic Knights’ raises $685,000+

CARROLL – The 32nd Friends of Kuemper Ball, held on April 30 celebrated past and present “Olympic Knights” and the tradition of Catholic education in the community which resulted in a total of $685,432 raised, which topped the 2015 record of $678,529.

Special highlights this year included a 12-foot Olympic inspired mural, torches and Olympic rings. Kuemper activities including sports, drama, music, academic and social were represented on gold medals which were displayed on the walls and tables.

This year’s campaign was supported by more than 3,500 gifts. Raffle tickets were available at $10 per ticket for prizes totaling more than $12,000. Donations ranged from $6-$10,000 plus. Over the last 32 years, the Kuemper Ball has grossed more than $9 million with a net total of more than $7 million.

Back for the ninth year was the successful Vehicle Raffle. There were 861 vehicle raffle tickets sold for a chance to win a $20,000 voucher to be used towards the vehicle. The vehicle raffle, which was included in the grand total, netted $66,100.

A raffle drawing initiated in 2013 continued this year. Raffle tickets were $50 and the winner received a $10,000 voucher that may be used at one of four area implement dealerships. There were 975 tickets sold and netted $38,750, which was part of the grand total.

Events for the evening included a special Mass celebrated by Father Ed Tiedeman. The Al Welsh Orchestra played in the main ballroom. The Kuemper Jazz Choir performed during the breaks of the orchestra. DJ music was provided by Scott and Cindy Masching – “A Time Of Your Life.”

“The Kuemper Ball is well-known for its broad support and loyal donor base,” said John Steffes, Kuemper president. “Generations of Kuemper family members attend and support the ball – from grandparents to parents of current students along with young alumni and area parishioners.”

Chairing the 2016 Ball were Mark and Melanie Bauer of Sacred Heart Parish in Templeton, Kelly and Brenda Foley of Holy Spirit Parish in Carroll, Jeff and Dawn Koster of St. Lawrence Parish in Carroll and Scott and Kayla Venner of St. Augustine Parish in Halbur.

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