Rain, rain go away

After what seemed like a month of rain, we had a few days of beautiful spring weather here on the farm.Plants

The sights and sounds are much different when the clouds have gone and the sun reappears. Green grass, a growing garden and birds chirping is what my world is right now.

Another sounds is hearing the tractors in the fields. Now that the rain has temporarily returned, I am not hearing that sound as often.

My husband doesn’t plant the land around our house, but he helps plant corn and soy beans for the man he works for.

Lately, this has meant alone time for because it is planting season and that’s what farmers do. This isn’t the most fun part of being married to a farmer, but it is only a few weeks in the spring and in the fall for harvest. I knew what I was getting into when I married Rodney.


One of the more fun parts of being a farmers wife is having an experienced person show me how to plant and tend a garden.

I wrote previously about the items that were planted earlier. As of this past Sunday, we planted peppers, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes and sweet potatoes. You know, JUST a FEW more things.

Rodney also helped me plant flowers in the window box on the front of our house. I think it adds a little color and a “woman’s touch” to the farm.

Now that the rain is back, I am praying that it goes away sooner than later. That would help the farmers finish planting and the sun shining doesn’t hurt one bit. I have missed it.

Until next time, please pray for the farmers and their wives as trudge through planting season.

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