Reflections on St. Joseph

Editor’s note: Mary Ann Spicer uses The Catholic Globe with her class of 22 students at Kuemper Catholic High School, Carroll. The following are random responses to the letter of Bishop Walker Nickless, “Find joy in exaltation of Easter,” which appeared in the March 24 edition.

Most of us, this past week especially, have thought about Jesus and how he died for us, but have you ever wondered about what St. Joseph was like? Bishop Nickless wrote in his section of this last weekend’s Catholic Globe, “St. Joseph was a model father.” And that got me thinking, what did he mean? The Bible only talks about him being a father figure towards Jesus in his youth, but what did he actually do? Bishop Nickless then goes on to state, “He loved and served his family in every way. He gave up his livelihood and his homeland without hesitation…” This spoke to me in a different way than most of the rest of this section did; I am a stepchild to a man that did the exact same. He has loved my mother and me endlessly and began working full-time as a trucker to provide for us. Bishop Nickless was right when he said that St. Joseph was a model father; as my father has now, in a sense, modeled after him.

Austin Lampe – Breda, Iowa

“St. Joseph was a model father.” This statement was the claim Bishop Walker Nickless was making to the people in his article, “Find joy in exaltation of Easter, the unexpected, joyful rising of Jesus”.  Bishop Nickless gives the Sioux City diocese many reasons to agree with his claim and with those reasons, I also believe St. Joseph was a model father.

Bishop Nickless gives us the reason that St. Joseph has a “childlike faith” (Mt 18:3) which every one of us has once had as a child. When we were younger, we believed in almost anything we were told. St. Joseph had to believe everything Jesus said to him because Jesus was the Son of God. St. Joseph’s childlike faith gives Jesus and him a closer connection because Jesus told the truth, which St. Joseph always believed. Although Joseph was not Jesus’ true father, he acted as a male figure in his life and always believed in Jesus.

Karsyn Thomsen – Carroll, Iowa

A father should love his family and children, enough to lay his life down for them. But what about a foster-son? In a recent article by Bishop Walker Nickless, he claimed that St. Joseph was a model father. He shows how a man should step up as a father, even if the child is not his own. This claim is entirely true, due to the fact that he gave up his livelihood and homeland for the safety of Jesus and Mary. St. Joseph was the man who showed Jesus the love of an earthly father and modeled how that love should be shown. When Jesus was dying on the cross, he shouted to his heavenly father in the Aramaic language – yelling, Abba. It is then that he shows his experience of tenderness and love that he had learned from Joseph.

Breanna Augustus – Carroll, IA

St. Joseph is a model father. Bishop Nickless states this in his article, and I agree with him. St. Joseph had great characteristics to show us how to live a good Catholic life on a day-to-day basis. St. Joseph’s faith was like a child’s faith. He had full trust and loved the Lord without doubt. Have you ever told a little kid that what they thought wasn’t true? How did they react? The little kid most likely starting crying or got upset. This portrays how St. Joseph acted with his faith. When someone denied or challenged a truth of God, he challenged them. He always had a strong love and an even stronger believing of the truths of the Lord. We should all look up to St. Joseph and have the same trust and love in the Lord as he demonstrated on a regular basis.

Baylie Bueltel – Templeton, Iowa

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