Marriage preparation

Preparing to marry in the Catholic Church – Part 2

Planning a wedding is more than dresses and table decorations. It is more than preparing for the day of the wedding. It is preparing for a marriage and a life with another person.

I didn’t realize how much would need to be done to meet the requirements of getting married in a Catholic church in the Diocese of Sioux City, but I am grateful for the requirements because I feel the classes helped prepare my husband and I for our life together.

Since my husband and I lived about two hours apart during our engagement, it took a little time to figure out what classes and times would work for both of us. Just another part of being married – compromise. We learned a lot about that as we prepared for our wedding and marriage.

After taking the FOCCUS test and meeting with Father Gary Snyder, we made plans to attend Called to the Wedding Feast, Walking in Love and Natural Family Planning sessions.

The Diocese of Sioux City website was really helpful in making our plans because all of the information is right at your fingertips.

Called to the Wedding Feast is rooted in Scripture and Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. The class explores the deeper meaning of the words “I do” and matrimony. Since my husband is Lutheran, this class gave him a better look at the Catholic faith.

The marriage preparation class Walking in Love builds on the foundation of the Called to the Wedding Feast class. It was a practical class led by married couples. We discussed issues such as effective and loving communication, conflict resolution and managing resources. We enjoyed hearing tips from married couples who have gone through what we were about to go through.

We learned a lot from the classes and continue to learn a lot from each other.

My next installment will be about the Natural Family Planning. For more information, visit the Diocese of Sioux City’s website at

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