Helping plant the garden

IMG_1098This past weekend my husband and I planted more in the garden. Thank goodness because then it rained for a couple of days.

We added dill, radishes, carrots, kohlrabi, green beans, beets and four different kinds of onions to the garden. Rodney measured the rows. I placed the onions IMG_1094and some of the seeds on the dirt and Rodney pushed them into the soil.

It was fun to help plant and see the whole process. I have helped before but not quite as much as I have this year. There will be many more items to go into the garden in the coming weeks – tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, peppers and more.

I am excited for the items in the garden to grow so I can share with friends and family. We will also plan on canning and freezing many of the items. I will share those processes when they happen.



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