A message of thanks

By Amy Bloch
Catholic Charities 

This time of year is an important time for reflection and gratitude. The fields have been harvested, leaves raked, and the mums all abloom – just a few of the blessings we receive in the fall. Catholic Charities has been blessed over the past year with generous donations, volunteers, and people giving back to their community.

We had a young woman that we helped with some financial assistance last year – now living in Texas – reach out to us with a letter and $20 check. She expressed her gratitude and shared the impact our help has had on her life. What is inspiring about her story is her desire to give back to those who had helped her. She still doesn’t have everything she needs, but she is on the path. For us, it is a gift being able to serve those in need.

I have experienced many gifts in my role as director over the past year. Meeting with pastors, families and community partners has broadened my understanding of the needs still facing many in our diocese. It has invigorated me to look at how we at Catholic Charities can further be a part of helping families thrive and feel hope for their futures. Hope is critical to each of us and it is impossible to have hope without faith.

My own faith was my savior when this summer my 5-year-old nephew had open heart surgery. It was so scary and even more painful watching my sister in fear that her son might not survive. Through prayers, family, amazing doctors, and God’s love, Will is now playing soccer with the best of them. People from all over prayed for Will and our family, people we didn’t know. It is difficult to thank people enough for those prayers that lifted us up during those dark moments. It is your prayers for the work we do at Catholic Charities that keep us focused on those who need us.

Without you and your continued generosity, we could not serve families in our community who are facing those dark moments. We are forever grateful, just as that young woman from Texas is.

Amy Bloch is the executive director of Catholic Charities, which has offices in Sioux City, Fort Dodge, Carroll, Storm Lake and Spencer.


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