It’s Globe renewal time

By Joanne Fox
Globe editor

Death. Taxes. Globe subscription renewal time.

We can all acknowledge the reality of the first two.

I’d like to share with you the significance of the third one.

No other form of communication will provide as much news about the Diocese of Sioux City as The Catholic Globe. The newspaper also publishes national and international news of interest – from a Catholic perspective.

And it’s not all holier-than-thou stuff. We know the Saints, Crossword and Word Search are popular, because if there is something wrong, we hear from our readers.

Let others report on celebrity break-ups, political double-speak and trending situations! The Catholic Globe has no calories, zero grams of trans-fat and no animals were harmed in its production!

Seriously, I believe this biweekly newspaper will give you something to talk about, make you smarter and provide you with the tools to enhance your faith.

So, how do we ensure this newspaper – an evangelization tool of Bishop Walker Nickless and all of his predecessors – gets into Catholic homes?

By continuing to produce an outstanding newspaper, full of creative content, and asking for your continued support.

I would also ask you to prayerfully consider subsidizing someone else’s subscription. One of the biggest eye-openers of the readership survey that was carried out two years ago was that about 10 percent of our 26,000-plus subscribers indicated they could not afford a subscription.

That was humbling.

Donations over the renewal rate will be returned directly to your parish. That’s good stewardship.

Please join the thousands of other readers of The Catholic Globe, either through the mail or the online edition (for those not technologically-impaired, as I am) or both with your renewal.

God bless you for supporting all of our efforts to promote the Good News.

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