Mauro Sanchez to be ordained transitional deacon

5-28COLORmauro-sanchez                On June 5, Bishop Walker Nickless will ordain Mauro Sanchez to the transitional diaconate at Cathedral of the Epiphany in Sioux City.

Sanchez recently finished third theology at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver, Colo. He attended Conception Seminary College for college and went to high school at Seminario Menor de Santa Maria de Guadalupe in Morelia, Mexico.

“My family is very pious,” said Sanchez. “They go to church all the time and volunteer for the activities at our parish. So, my mother and sisters set a good example for me. My mother has been my hero. She has had many problems and illnesses and she has always been very loving, faithful to church and positive. She always trusts that God will take care of her.”

Sanchez was 18 years old when he first considered a vocation.

“I went on a mission and I fell in love with teaching people about God,” said Sanchez. “I love the priesthood because it is a call from above and a vocation where a person gives up his life unselfishly to serve others. I also love that a priest is a bridge between God and the people of God.”

The seminarian would like to become a priest because “I think that God is calling me to be one. I really like what priests do. Besides, this is a vocation where I can always be close to God by administering the sacraments and serving his people just as Jesus did when he came to earth and was with the people of Israel.”

Sanchez said the most important thing he has learned in seminary is the more he becomes like Jesus, “the better I will treat his people, love them and respect them.”

“What inspires me about priesthood is the kind of life priests live, always doing God’s work and serving others,” he said. “Priesthood is a beautiful vocation where I can do what I was called to do since I was baptized to spread the Gospel. I consider priesthood the best way to follow Jesus because priests pretty much live the life of Jesus by doing what he did here on earth.”

Sanchez likes playing soccer, basketball, swimming, playing the guitar and singing. He also enjoys watching funny movies and martial arts movies.

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