Consider the journey

By Father Jim Tigges


From April 20-30, I had the opportunity to travel to Alpine Europe with 38 other creative and energetic pilgrims, led by Father Dan Guenther. On one of the evenings in my hotel room in Lucerne, I picked up a magazine and my eyes rested on a quotation from Confucius, “The journey is the reward.” – probably implying that it is not necessarily our intended destination that remains etched in our memory, but rather those small revelations we encounter along the wayside.

As I reflected on that quote, I began thinking of springtime, first Communions, graduations and weddings. It could also be a stepping off point when someone is finishing a project and planning for the future.

So, to each of you who see yourself completing one task and already proceeding to the next, stop and reflect for a moment or two on the journey you have just accomplished. What insight or bit of wisdom did you leave on your path for someone to enjoy? What tufted gift of knowledge did you leave to share or store up for yourself?

Sure, the time may have passed slowly, the days becoming tedious, but the journey, ah, the journey was worth it! And what will it take to begin another journey? Or, what memory will help you to create new memories?

My time in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is not so much etched in having made it through the 10 days of pilgrimage, but in having the little mental images that create and help me re-create the journey even after I’m back in the parishes I serve. To all of you caught up in your own little journeys, I hope and pray that you have the experience of seeing the journey as it really is, a reward for having said yes to the master, stepping out in faith that he will be with you.

As Catholic Women of the Diocese of Sioux City, continue to be the gifted and talented woman God has called you to be, not always in the grand finale but in the little adventures along the way. God


   Father Jim Tigges is spiritual advisor for Catholic Women of the Diocese and pastor of Humboldt St. Mary, Gilmore City St. John and Livermore Sacred Heart parishes.


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