New website features

By Joanne Fox
Globe editor

A new feature joins several others on April 5.

But you won’t find this one in the pages of The Catholic Globe.

Meditations in a Minute can only be found at the newspaper’s website,

This presentation will highlight an insight on the faith, a Scripture reading, a saint or some other topic of interest to the faithful.

Bishop Walker Nickless will present the meditations. Many thanks to the bishop for his willingness to help with this project.

The first meditation will go live on Easter Sunday. New Meditations in a Minute will appear every Sunday. Prior meditations will be archived on the website under the tab for Bishop Nickless.

Since launching the new website in October of 2014, Globe subscribers can get more bang for their buck by visiting for videos and photo galleries that accompany stories.

The reality is: There is only so much space in the newspaper. The website has practically infinite space. So, it makes sense to utilize it.

Like what you see? Let us know.

Suggestions to improve the website and/or the paper? Ditto.

Please keep reading and viewing The Catholic Globe. We appreciate your support and welcome input in our continuing quest to share the Good News.

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