Diocese produces vocations video


Striving to reach all young men who are open to doing God’s will in their life, the Vocations Office for the Diocese of Sioux City recently released a video to help answer questions about discerning God’s call to the priesthood.


Fr. Shane Deman

Fr. Shane Deman

“We decided to produce a vocations video as a way to reach more youth through social media, knowing that video images can display the church and the priesthood in ways that surpass mere words,” said Father Shane Deman, vocations director of the Diocese of Sioux City.

He stressed the fact that vocations recruitment efforts must be multi-faceted, which not only includes personal invitations but also portrayals of what the priesthood is about and how to overcome personal fears in exploring it as a possibility.

“Our youth spend multiple hours a day on social media,” acknowledged Father Deman. “The church must be present in these venues, presenting options for their vocational discernment and encouraging them toward greater fidelity to the Lord.”

The video features comments from Bishop Walker Nickless, a few priests and several of the seminarians.

“Each priest and seminarian invited to participate offers a different background and approach toward discernment,” the vocations director said. “Having their various perspectives can reach a broader audience who might be considering different aspects of their calling.”

Produced by Pulse Media and The Neat Factory, the video is available on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on the diocesan website – scdiocese.org. Father Deman said he was very pleased with the production of the video, with their professionalism and attention to detail.

While the vocations director came up with some initial ideas for the video, he said Becca Feauto, who was the director of the project, helped to fine-tune the direction of the video and final editing.

One of the main focuses of the video was answering God’s call.

“We recognize that God is always calling young men to serve his church as priests, yet sin, fear and the discouragements that the world puts in front of us can detract from the courage it takes to answer God’s call,” Father Deman said.

In the video, he encourages prospective candidates to be men of prayer, rooted in the sacraments, with strong Marian devotion and a willingness to talk about their discernment with others. By doing these things, the vocations director said it gives the candidate the full resources of the church and the assurance to know they are not making the decision alone.

“I hope viewers of the video gain a deeper understanding of the gift of the priesthood and feel compelled to explore a calling more deeply,” Father Deman said.

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