Seminarian Speaks: Deacon Timothy Pick

                This is part of a continuing series introducing the seminarians of the Diocese of Sioux City to readers of The Catholic Globe. If you would like to adopt a seminarian – either with prayers or care packages – contact Father Shane Deman at or (712) 233-7522.

Name:  Deacon Timothy PickSem SpeaksTim Pick

Home parish: All Saints Parish-St. James Church, Le Mars

Son of: Jake and Rosie Pick

High school graduate: Le Mars Community High School 1980

College degree: Westmar College, Le Mars; business management major and accounting minor.

Name of seminary currently attending: St. Meinrad (Ind) Seminary & School of Theology

Year in seminary: IV Theology

Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate

How you discerned God was calling you: During my permanent deacon formation for the Diocese, God’s call became more intense. He asked me to finally listen with my heart and say “yes” to the priesthood.

Dream vacation: Renting a duplex or condo in the mountains with beautiful views and walking trails. It is within a short driving distance to a medium-sized town with many cultural opportunities, e.g., a symphony, community theater or historic places, to patronize.

Most important thing you have learned from your parents: Life will have its ups and downs, but always remember to keep your faith. God is with you in the good times and the bad.

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

What the priesthood means to you: The priesthood is not a job. It is a lifetime vocational calling. The priest is a member of the body of Christ that has been charged with the responsibility to proclaim the Word of God in word and deed, administer the sacraments and teach others that having God in your life is a good thing. A priest can do this by using his own special talents, knowledge, or abilities which, in the end, are really gifts from God.

  Only way to eat eggs: Scrambled

Favorite image of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Any painting depicting the Seven Sorrows of Mary

Preferred pie: Pecan

Night owl or morning person: I can be productive at either time, more at night.

Go-to prayer in times of need: A church, chapel or just a quiet room, preferably with a crucifix on the wall.

Senseless fear:  Scary movies

Something about you people would be surprised to learn: I have been known to do cross stitch a time or two in my life.

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