Diocesan response to AP story on Father Wind

In response to an Associated Press article, the Diocese of Sioux issued the following response on Nov. 28

The Diocese of Sioux City finds it necessary to put out a statement on Father Jeremy Wind. We had never intended on doing so, because there is nothing newsworthy to report. In 2013, Father Wind, a priest of the Diocese of Sioux City, received counseling and treatment following a public, mental-health episode. He has recovered and has since provided exemplary spiritual and priestly care to his parishioners.

As part of the media scrutiny that the Diocese of Sioux City has been under, it has come to our attention that information regarding Father Wind’s incident is going to be made public. Just like any other type of illness, Father Wind sought and received medical treatment following this episode.

As part of his continuing care, Father Wind is on medication, sees a psychiatrist, a counselor and follows a life-style regimen that enables him to function without problems. With the support of his family, brother clergy, Bishop Walker Nickless and friends, he has sustained good mental health since the 2013 incident.

Father Wind has provided wonderful pastoral leadership and we are disappointed that anyone would use an individual’s mental health incident as an opportunity to portray the priests of the Diocese of Sioux City in a negative manner. Father Wind has always been open to questions regarding his mental health and is an advocate for anyone who may be struggling with their own mental health issues.

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