Seminarian Speaks: Travis Crotty

            This is part of a continuing series introducing the seminarians of the Diocese of Sioux City to readers of The Catholic Globe. If you would like to adopt a seminarian – either with prayers or care packages – contact Father Shane Deman at or (712) 233-7522.

Name: Travis Crottytravis-226x300

  Home parish: Our Lady of Good Council, Fonda

Son of: Corey Crotty and Patty and Barry Lammers

High school graduate: Newell-Fonda 2011; Go Mustangs!

College degree: Conception (Mo.) Seminary College, 2015, bachelor of philosophy

  Name of seminary currently attending: Kenrick Seminary, St. Louis, Mo.

   Year in seminary: Theology III

Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla

How you discerned God was calling you: In high school I paid attention to the desires that were coming up in my heart and asked God, “What do you want me to do with my life?” I continue to discern God’s plan for my life by spending time in silent prayer with him every day and trying to continue to pay attention to what he is doing in my life.

Dream vacation: I would love to travel to Ireland and see where my family is from.

Most important thing you have learned from your parents: To turn to God in times of struggle.

Coke or Pepsi: La Croix

   What the priesthood means to you: A gift of self-made to God the Father, with Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, for all of God’s people.

Only way to eat eggs: Eggs Benedict with salmon cakes made by Father Brad Pelzel.

Favorite image of the Blessed Virgin Mary: The Icon of the Holy Protection of the Mother of God.

Preferred pie: Anything made by Father Paul Kelly

Night owl or morning person: It depends on the day and how much sleep I’ve gotten.

Go-to prayer in times of need: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.

Senseless fear: Swimming

Something about you people would be surprised to learn: Disc Golf is my favorite sport to play.

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