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RSM prays for MMCRU senior Natalee Henke who died Sept. 10

Remsen St. Mary’s students recently honored the memory of Marcus Meriden Cleghorn Remsen Union senior, 18-year-old Natalee Henke, who died unexpectedly on Sept. 10.

Funeral services for Natalee, the daughter of Ted and Tracee Henke of rural Marcus, were held Sept. 15 at Holy Name Catholic Church in Marcus.

RSM put together several activities to show their love and continued prayers for the MMCRU community.

“We’re all a family here in Remsen,” said faculty member Kris Schiltz. “It’s great being in a small community where the kids are friends. RSM will continue to pray for the Henke family and MMCRU in the coming days.”

The volleyball team wore purple ribbons at their games in honor of Natalee, because purple was her favorite color. The students decided to change the theme of a Homecoming day to monochromatic and wear purple.

“Everyone got together to support Natalee and her family,” said student Sydney Lewis.

The entire school, as well as seniors from MMCRU, participated in a prayer service for Natalee and her family. Students, Natalee’s classmates, faculty, and community members gathered at church and formed the shape of an “N” before praying together.

Bailey Penning commented on prayer service saying, “I thought it was a good idea to show that we are supporting Natalee’s family and friends. It really shows how RSM supports people outside of the school system.”

The Christian Leadership Team also passed donation buckets at the football game and collected a free-will donation at school to help support the family’s goal of setting up a memorial scholarship.

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