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Liturgical meeting deepens faith

In July, Father Lingle, Karmen Darwin, and four high school students who belong to the Cathedral of the Epiphany attended a liturgical leadership conference called One Bread, One Cup at Conception Abbey in Missouri.

Coraima Gonzalez, Mia Koinzan, Armando Gonzalez and Miquel Quinonez spent five days with about 50 other high school students from across the country, college interns, catechists, priests and Benedictine monks.

The group gathered each day to listen to presentations, attend formation sessions, pray the Liturgy of the Hours and attend Mass. The morning presentations invited the youth to grow deeper in word, sacrament and mission.

Robert Feduccia gave many of the presentations during One Bread, One Cup. He is an experienced speaker who has many areas of expertise and travels frequently throughout the country evangelizing and catechizing. Many themes of his talks resonated with the youth who attended the conference. Coraima was inspired by how Feduccia spoke about God’s love for us and how God does not stop loving us even if we do something bad.

Each day of the One Bread, One Cup conference is formed around a routine of prayer including the Liturgy of the Hours and Mass. Additionally, one evening of the week is dedicated to a reconciliation service and another evening includes a holy hour in Eucharistic adoration.

As a result of her experience, Coraima plans on participating in Eucharistic adoration more often at the Cathedral.  Mia plans on using her experience to help others know that any conversation with God is a prayer and that a first step in prayer is better than no step at all.

During the liturgies, the youth from the Cathedral served in the various ministries. Armando was an altar server and master of ceremonies; Coraima read the petitions at Mass; Miguel was a lector at Mass and Mia led morning prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours. Miguel plans on becoming a lector at the Cathedral in addition to being an altar server.

One Bread, One Cup also gave the youth who attended the unique opportunity to meet Benedictine sisters and monks and pray with the monks in their Abbey Basilica. Mia enjoyed spending time with the monks and had fun at the ice cream social where the youth and monks played card games.  She also found it interesting to hear about how they made the decision to join the monastic life.

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