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Storm Lake renovates classroom

STORM LAKE – St. Mary High School is undergoing a major renovation for its high school science laboratory/classroom this summer. The investment will mark $400,000 spent on STEM improvements in the school in the last two years.

Arizona-based philanthropist Joe Nemmers contributed funds to name the renovated classroom in memory of his in-laws Bernard SMHS ’40 and June Christenson, long-time parishioners of St. Mary Parish who sent their 10 children through St. Mary High School. Nemmers recently remodeled the school’s middle school in honor of his late wife Kathy Christenson ’73 Nemmers Science Room in an effort to honor her passion for science education and Catholic education.

The school renovated the science lab in 2000, but the cabinet faces will be re-laminated and new VT countertops will be added to match the state-of-the-art Nemmers room. There will also be additional cabinetry on the west and north walls.

St. Mary’s will replace and level the flooring, add LED lighting, add a new dropped ceiling, new air conditioning, secondary exhaust fan for safety and a floor drain for the safety shower/eye wash station. There will be new chemical storage, new heater cabinetry and other features. Custom space-saving student tables, matching those in the middle school room, are being built by Benchmark.

As STEM is a focus for the local parochial school, there will be a Bluetooth-enabled, ceiling-mounted projector and 25 new laptops.

Efficient Construction is the general contractor and Stanton Electric will handle the electrical work.

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