Seminarian video illustrates ‘normalcy’


ST. LOUIS – Diocesan seminarian Travis Crotty and a couple of friends at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary took to the streets of St. Louis to make a music video.

Travis, a Theology III student, noted he and a few seminarian friends have made various parody music videos in the past.

“Usually for a laugh we re-wrote the lyrics to popular songs and made them about seminary or Catholicism,” he said. “Cruz, the lead in the video, approached me and asked if I would help him make a video to be shown at the seminary’s Mardi Gras party. What was meant to be a silly sketch for the party became something quite impressive.”

Cruz knew Travis had made a rap video in college seminary called, Do the John Paul.

“He knew I had some experience, so he asked for my help,” said Travis.

The seminarians, Travis, Cruz and Michael, sat down and wrote the song together and put the lyrics with “a really fun and up beat music track that Cruz purchased the rights to,” explained Crotty.

They used the seminary’s camera to film the video and after some video editing magic, “Another Day” was posted to YouTube by Kenrick-Glennon Seminary.

Travis commented the video is a fun insight into “the friendships and life of the seminary. We love Jesus and we love having fun. In the video we are able to share the joy we have experienced in our formation and walk with the Lord.”

“I had no idea it would become so popular,” said Travis, who pointed out the video was filmed in downtown St. Louis near the arch. “So many people are impressed that guys in black shirts and Roman collars discerning the priesthood can actually rap and have a good time doing it.”

Travis is looking forward to returning to school in the fall and continuing the conversation about more videos.

“I’ve been blessed with many wonderful friendships throughout my time in seminary,” he said. “I’m so glad that I can share these friendships and these fun videos with so many people.”

Travis hopes viewers take away that “Jesus calls normal guys with normal skills and normal hobbies to serve him in extraordinary ways. I’d like to encourage everyone to pray for vocations and encourage vocations in their families.”

The video may be viewed on Kenrick-Glennon Seminary’s YouTube channel. The seminarians also just produced a vocations video called, “When Love Requires Sacrifice,” which can be found on the same YouTube channel.

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