Capital campaign seeks improvements to Holy Cross School


When it became evident, Holy Cross School, Blessed Sacrament Center, needed improvement, a capital campaign was initiated and has been met with a resounding response.

According to Father David Hemann, pastor of Holy Cross Parish, some of the most important work in the world happens in Catholic schools.

“However, this education doesn’t happen without a facility in which this deep and important work materializes,” he said. “Holy Cross School – Blessed Sacrament Center is in urgent and desperate need for repairs and replacements immediately.”

The most urgent needs include a new boiler at the price of $133,000 and a new roof at the price of $165,000, along with renovations of bathrooms at $80,000, Father Hemann reported at all Masses the weekend of May 5-6.

“The current boiler just made it through this year by the grace of God,” he said. “It must now be replaced without question. The roof is saturated with moisture on both the old and the new parts of the building. It is in immediate need of replacement.”

The finance committee, the parish council and the buildings and grounds committee discussed and prioritized the needs and after the “painstaking” acquirement of bids, a resolution was submitted to the diocese concerning the repairs, Father Hemann noted.

“After a comprehensive inspection and intense observation with a team of professionals, we are ready to begin this work this summer in order to be ready for the next school year,” he said.

Father Hemann pointed out one of the stipulations from the diocese for the acceptance of the resolution was the implementation of a capital campaign drive, so the parish does not deplete its savings below a “fiscally-responsible level.”

“Painting, comprehensive updates and a vast overhaul is planned as well,” he said. “When everything is said and done, the total price tag on this complete renovation is around $850,000.”

The repairs will not only benefit students at the school, Father Hemann clarified, but also PREP (Parish Religious Education Program) and many other activities.

“Holy Cross includes the explicit and consistent dimension of faith formation,” he said. “Consistent and deep faith formation leads to holiness of students whose lives will make a difference – lives that will echo into eternity.”

Although the “formal” campaign has not started, Father Hemann related that individuals have already made donations.

“Some have made pledges, and some have made one-time gifts,” he said. “It was clear parishioners saw the need to support the project immediately and without hesitation.”

Father Hemann praised parishioners for their realization that what goes on in the Blessed Sacrament building is “beyond measurability.”

“We are so excited to be explicitly doing the work of the Lord,” he said. “By this fall, we are going to be so proud of our restored building which will retain its former noble simplicity and comfortability while being brought to the best version of itself.”



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