Seminarian Speaks: Tom Wilson

This is part of a continuing series introducing the seminarians of the Diocese of Sioux City to readers of The Catholic Globe. If you would like to adopt a seminarian – either with prayers or care packages – contact Father Shane Deman at or (712) 233-7522.

Name: Tom Wilson

Home Parish: Immaculate Conception, Cherokee

Son of: Jeff and Michelle Wilson

Eye color: Blue

High school graduate: Washington High School, Cherokee, Class of 2008

College degree: 2013, Iowa State University, Ames; civil engineering

Name of seminary currently attending: Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, St. Louis, Mo.

Year in seminary: Pre-Theology I

How you discerned God was calling you to be a priest: Prayerfully, humbling myself before God, learning to be obedient and opening myself up to his will.

Batman or Superman: Batman

Most important thing you have learned in seminary: The importance of recognizing Divine Providence in my life through all events, whether they be joyful or sorrowful and difficult, and how God is constantly calling me to himself through these events.

Three characteristics of a joyful priest: Humble, grateful and hopeful

Bacon or sausage: Bacon and sausage

Favorite image of Jesus: As Lord and King

Guilty-pleasure food: Cheesecake

Hymn that resonates with you: Great Ruler of All Space and Time

Senseless fear: Grizzly Bears

What is something about you people would be surprised to learn: I have climbed to the top of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.

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