Teaching Students to Learn, Serve, Lead, Succeed

Dear Supporters of Catholic education,

During Catholic Schools Week, Jan. 28 to Feb. 3, we wholeheartedly invite all members of the Diocese of Sioux City to celebrate and communicate our Catholic schools as the best places for students to Learn, Serve, Lead and Succeed – the CSW theme this year.

Our focus this year is on the many valuable connections our students benefit from throughout the year.

PARISHES – Each Catholic school in the Diocese of Sioux City has a connection to one or more parishes. Our parish connections provide vital support to students through religious guidance, dedicated prayers and financial commitment. Student-led liturgies, rosaries, Stations of the Cross and other spiritual practices also help students strengthen their faith life.

COMMUNITIES – In our Catholic schools, we believe generously giving time and talents is a key to character building. In our connections with local communities, we offer students valuable service-learning opportunities locally and globally. In doing so, students learn the world near and far needs them to give of their time and talents now and far into the future.

STUDENTS – Our daily connections with students are central to how well they will Learn, Serve, Lead and Succeed. During Catholic Schools Week, we celebrate our students with numerous fun and meaningful activities for them to enjoy.

NATION – In our commitment to providing more families access to faith-based education, we value our connections with leaders in local, state and national governments. We appreciate their ongoing support of school choice.

FAMILIES – Teaching students to Learn, Serve, Lead and Succeed is also made possible through family connections. Families spread the word about the value of a Catholic education. They provide academic support essential to student success. Families reinforce at home the Catholic values our students learn in the classroom. Without families, our mission would not be accomplished.

VOCATIONS – A key component of a Catholic education is preparing young people to identify and use their God-given talents to the best of their abilities. As our students connect with gifts through learning and service opportunities, they discover their true vocations and paths in life.

STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS – We recognize and honor administrators, teachers and staff for their daily connections to our students, as they encounter, guide and inspire them. Our students also prosper when parents, grandparents, alumni, parishioners and school board members volunteer. Without their tireless commitments, our schools would not exist.

On behalf of the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Sioux City, I extend my sincerest gratitude to our partners for their vital role in helping students Learn, Serve, Lead and Succeed in school and in life.

Patricia Lansink, Ed.S.

Interim Superintendent

Diocese of Sioux City Catholic Schools

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