New year brings changes, celebration

Welcome to 2018 – a new year that brings changes and celebration at The Catholic Globe.

I would guess that most readers never look at our masthead on page 2, unless they are trying to figure out how to contact us. I would like to draw your attention to the masthead because that is the cause for celebration this year.

Notice it says Volume 70, Number 1.

Yes, that means The Catholic Globe is beginning year 70 of its publishing life and we believe reason to rejoice.

Our first edition was dated Oct. 30, 1949. In a front-page editorial, Bishop Joseph M. Mueller lamented the fact that communication over the 24 counties in Northwest Iowa about what was going on in the Diocese of Sioux City was weak.

“Undoubtedly, the best means of overcoming this weakness in our diocesan organization is the establishment of a diocesan newspaper,” he wrote.

Not only did the editorial take up most of the front page, Bishop Mueller crafted an “Official” on an inside page that stated he “earnestly requested” and emphatically recommended “every family in the diocese subscribe to the diocesan weekly newspaper.”

The bishop went on to say, “The price ($3 at the time) is within the range of the lowest income brackets.”

“It could be the price of eternal salvation for you or someone dear to you,” Bishop Mueller cautioned.

The paper looked a bit different than it does today. It was an eight-page wrap-around of 12 pages of the national newspaper Our Sunday Visitor.

What was going on in the church at that time?

Locally, the announcement was made the chancery offices would move from Cathedral of the Epiphany to the Ruff mansion at 1825 Jackson St. Pope Pius XII honored Anthony Braunger of Cathedral Parish and George Sitzmann of St. Joseph Parish, Neptune by enrolling them in the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem.

Sports was prominent as baseball teams from Whittemore Presentation Academy and Fonda Our Lady of Good Counsel were highlighted. The new Sioux City Catholic High School (it was not named Heelan when it first opened) experienced a strong football season, finishing 5-2.

Nationally, the Official Catholic Directory reported 27 million Catholics among the 140 million residents in the United States. There are more than 70 million Catholics in the U.S. among a population of 323 million today.

Internationally, Poland “continues” to have problems with the communist government, OSV stated. “Three priests were recently sentenced to death,” the story reported.

Falling under the title “some things never change,” OSV featured an unsigned story announcing the Catholic Church was unpopular because she stands for the teachings of Christ.

To note the newspaper’s milestone, Globe Chronicles will now add 70 Years Ago to 50, 25 and 10 years.

Another alteration will be changing the Pope Tweets to include other Tweets of note under the heading #TweetsToRetweet.

There will be other announcements forthcoming. Thanks to all of you who support us in communicating the Good News.


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