Parent quotes: Why are Catholic schools the right choice for your family?

“Being able to send our children to Spalding/Gehlen Catholic has been a great privilege.  They have learned it is OK to pray and talk about God on a daily basis. They have learned how to serve others and God in simple and big ways both from Mass serving to community service projects. They are able to feel a part of a larger family than our own, our school family that plays a part in their life every day.”

  • Denise Horkey, parent of Spalding Catholic School students, Alton/Granville

“Our family chose Catholic schools not only for the excellent academics they offer but also because they reinforce the values we teach in our home. When you walk through the doors of our school, God’s presence is truly felt and that is where we want our kids to be everyday. In a place where they are surrounded by the Lord’s goodness and love and are taught to be outstanding citizens and future leaders for our Church, our community, and the world. That cannot be matched anywhere else.” – Jeremy and Kelly Gustafson, parents of a 3rd grade, 1st grade and future PreK students at Sacred Heart School, Boone “My husband and I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to send our children to Kuemper Catholic School! The Christ-centered education, strong academic program, staff and families that share the same Christian values, caring and dedicated staff, small class sizes, variety of extracurricular activities, Kuemper Cares Before & After School Program and countless other benefits make Kuemper Catholic School System the right choice for our family!” – Steve and Christy Anthofer, parents of Kuemper Catholic Grade School students, Carroll “Because I feel a sense of security knowing that my children are getting not only a strong and solid education, but also a faith-based education.  And one which they enjoy and will cherish for years to come.” – Maribel Garcia, parent of St. Rose of Lima students, Denison   “Sending our daughters to a Catholic school was the right choice for our family because we believe it is important to teach our children to be good stewards of God’s gifts that he has given them and being in a Catholic school allows them to actively practice their faith. St. Edmond provides them with the spiritual and developmental skills they need along with a strong academic foundation.”

  • Ann & Scott Schulte, parents of St. Edmond School students, Fort Dodge

“Catholic schools were the right choice for our family. They have helped strengthen our faith by involving our kids in activities that have helped the community and reinforcing the importance of serving. Meeting and sharing our life experiences and philosophies with other catholic families have played an important role our feeling of belongingness within the community and culture. Catholic schools have made us feel at home and always welcome. Everyone has been very respectful and more than willing to help in any circumstance that arises making our cultural transition easier and we could not be happier with our experience.”   – Juan and Nayibe Uribe, parents of Gehlen Catholic School students, Le Mars   “As a protestant family, we truly appreciate the opportunity to attend a Catholic school.  We feel education is not only about what you learn in a classroom, but also the many life lessons that are taught every day in the halls and through extracurricular activities.  Living the Christian principles every day make my kids better people and instill the importance of service to others as children of God.   Along with the great education they receive, they will continue to grow to be a much more caring part of society.  That is the best investment we can make for our kids’ futures.”

  • Ann Cole-Nelson, parent St. Mary’s School students, Remsen

“Going to a Catholic school for 12 years, I knew that I would give my children the same opportunity.  Besides receiving a religious education, my children learn Christian morals and respect everyone for who they are.  It sets the foundation for them to reach their fullest potential academically, religiously, and socially.  Sending my nine children through the Catholic school system is the best decision that I have ever made and wouldn’t change it for anything.”

  • Missy Froehlich, parent of Holy Cross School and Bishop Heelan High School students, Sioux City

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