Student quotes: How do Catholic schools help you build a relationship with Jesus?

“I think Seton has developed my relationship with God because they have made it clear that God loves you.  Receiving Reconciliation helps me know that better.  Just even talking in religion helps.  I think I will grow up to be a good Catholic.”

  • Zoe Montag, 2nd Grade, Seton Grade School, Algona

“Catholic schools are the right choice for my family because they not only provide an amazing education, but include Jesus in our everyday life!  They also strengthen my faith and knowledge about God.  I am very thankful that I get to go to a Catholic School.”

  • Jacey Loew, 7th grader, Kuemper Catholic Middle School, Carroll


“We say a lot of prayers to Jesus.  We go to church on Fridays so we can connect with Jesus.  We have our Christmas gift exchange after Christmas at our Epiphany parties.  When we make other people happy we make Jesus happy.”

  • Lauren McMillen, student at Danbury Catholic

“Going to a Catholic school helps me build a relationship with Jesus because I go to Mass each Wednesday. I learn about Jesus and how to follow him. It helps me to be a better person. My teacher helps me build a relationship with Jesus so I will be a good friend to others.”

Megan Dunlap, 3rd grade, Emmetsburg Catholic



“We are able to learn everyday about Jesus and what he did to help us.  We are able to pray throughout the day to make our relationship with Him stronger.”

– Lizzie Gailey, 6th Grade, St. Edmond Grade School, Fort Dodge


“Catholic schools help me build a relationship with Jesus because they teach me to understand the Bible more.  By understanding the Bible more our class reads parables every week and after that we’ll start reading the miracles.  I’m glad I go to a Catholic school because if I didn’t I wouldn’t learn about Jesus as much.”

  • Carson Berte, 5th grade, St. Mary School, Humboldt


“What we learn in Catholic Schools about Jesus, about his miracles, his life, and how he always did the right thing makes me want to try hard to do the right thing because of my Catholic religion. I built a relationship with Jesus on that.”

  • Isabella Arens, 4th grade, St. Mary School, Remsen


“Being in a Catholic school is so great because you can pray to and thank God whenever you want.  I think that it’s important to be able to talk to God often.  I think it also helps that all the teachers are kind and understanding.  We learn so much from them from religion to the common classes and subjects.”

  • Lily Graham, 5th grade, Mater Dei School, Sioux City


“Being at a Catholic School increases your relationship with God by learning about him in the classroom and being in a Catholic environment.”

  • Alexis Nepple, 12th grade, St. Mary School, Storm Lake

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