Caregiver’s prayer

Are you taking care of a parent, and it is starting to wear down on you? Day after day stretches on to year after year. Your other family members live far away (or even near), and they don’t seem to know or understand what you’re going through.

Whatever scenario you are living, I wondered if there was a prayer to sustain and help you through this taffy-like existence and keep the flame of love alive and strong for a parent who once carried the torch for you when you were young or experiencing your own trials and tribulations. I prayed to the Holy Spirit to inspire me to come up with a prayer for the caregiver son or daughter. I pray this is it.

A Healing Prayer for a Son or Daughter Who Cares for a Parent

Coming to the son(s) or daughter(s) who have daily taken care of a parent, whether at home or in a hospital or in a nursing home, God puts his arm around you and says: “(Names), thank you for your love and daily care of your parent, who is not with me yet. Know that I am also sitting with you and your loved one, and I hear every prayer you pray, every rosary and every chaplet you recite, every quiet prayer known only to you and me.

“Know that my sorrowful mother joins me, as we collect your tears, transforming them into a joyful wellspring, gushing back to you with love and forgiveness for the times you think you failed. The times your parent has been difficult, angry, confused, lonely or distant, have happened for only a short time when you consider eternal life with God lasts forever!

“Your Lord and your Blessed Mother will be there at the gate of heaven when you are called home. The parent you daily attended to will be joined with your other loved ones in heaven, and they will greet you with hugs and kisses at the heavenly gate.

“Your family members will say, ‘Now we understand what you tried to say to us, how you often suffered in silence. All we can say is thank you.’”

The Book of Sirach 3:2-6

For the Lord sets a father in honor over his children

And confirms a mother’s authority over her sons.

Those who honor their father atone for sins;

They store up riches who respect their mother.

Those who honor their father will have joy in their own children,

And when they pray they are heard.

Those who respect their father will live a long life;

Those who obey the Lord honor their mother.

Father Dennis Meinen serves as chaplain at Holy Spirit Retirement Home, Sioux City, for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the diocese, and Faithful Friar of the Garrigan 4th Degree Assembly of the Knights of Columbus, Sioux City.

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