Globe in Classroom

Where will the future subscribers to The Catholic Globe come from?

It’s a question we ask ourselves every time the newspaper is published.

The answer has to be: From our young people, who will one day be parishioners in our churches.

Yet, they are not a typical newspaper reader and that is the challenge put before us. How do we cultivate them?

For the past two years, we have been addressing that challenge with a program called “The Globe in the Classroom.”

This program makes available to all educators during the school year – in our schools and religious education programs – up to 20 Globe newspapers for free.

This program is not unique to the Diocese of Sioux City. Other dioceses have implemented this endeavor with rave results. We also have received positive responses from educators who use this tool of evangelization with students.

Each edition of the newspaper has a colored page with faith-filled activities targeted toward a younger demographic. This is a perfect fit for those teaching religion studies, but it would help any instructor, be it English, social studies or science, in appreciating what a newspaper can provide a reader.

This is a tremendous resource for our catechists, providing them with both news and faith. Secular newspapers cannot provide this, but The Catholic Globe can.

From the last two years, we estimate this has added more than 1,000 newspapers to each press run, in addition to mailing costs associated with distribution.

That’s why we are forever grateful for the sponsors of this endeavor, which is truly a “win-win” for teachers and students, as we strive to introduce young people to the many advantages of reading The Catholic Globe.

Elsewhere in this edition is a full-page ad promoting The Globe in the Classroom. Please take time to read it. Many thanks for all of your support as we continue to present the Good News to our readers.


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