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Mary’s Meals supports Malawi, Africa


FORT DODGE – Holy Trinity Parish in Webster County has been raising funds to support Mary’s Meals in Malawi, Africa, for four years.

A group of women from the parish and their daughters got together to do what they could to add to the total.

“It all started with a group of girlfriends from Fort Dodge,” said Janet Hubbell, a Holy Trinity parishioner. “We were chatting about a recent Facebook post regarding a 5K race in Des Moines, a fundraiser for Mary’s Meals.”

There was a group who wanted to participate. However, after some discussion it was realized that “while this is a great cause and raises money for Mary’s Meals, it doesn’t directly help the Holy Trinity Parish/St. Edmond’s sponsored Mary’s Meals school and kitchen in Malawi,” Hubbell pointed out.

The brainstorming started to decide what to do to raise more funds for the Mary’s Meals kitchen and school that Holy Trinity Parish sponsors.

“A few contest ideas came to life – a T-shirt design contest and a sponsorship challenge,” said Hubbell. “It was decided that those participating in the 5K race in Des Moines should wear matching T-shirts and what better way to get the school-aged kids involved than to have them draw a design that would be on the shirts to be made.”

There were more than 100 entries for the drawing contest and the Holy Trinity Parish deacons – Dan Carney, Ed Albright and Joe Coleman – were the judges for this contest.

Cash prizes were given to the winners – Elsie Hubbell, first place; Hadley Oswald, second place and Abby Huss, third place. Elsie Hubbell’s design also earned the honor of being made into the T-shirts to be worn by the Holy Trinity Parish members at the 5k race.MM Winners

“The sponsorship challenge idea came about by deciding the group should met on Sunday afternoons at the St. Edmond track to work on their fitness in preparation for the 5k race,” said Hubbell. “Again, thinking of ways to involve the children, families were invited to meet Sunday afternoons at 3 p.m. to walk.”

The students gained sponsorships by asking friends and family to sponsor them for how many laps or miles they walked or just by asking for flat donations. The winners of this contest were Alyssa Elbert, first place; Chloe Palmer, second place and Sadie Hubbell, third place.

Alyssa Elbert and her mother Paula walked the St. Edmond track several Sunday afternoons and also joined the group that participated in the Mary’s Meals 5K race on May 13 in Des Moines.

“It was a good feeling to be able to help feed kids who don’t have enough food,” said Alyssa Elbert.

The last idea to pull the fundraiser together was to have a pasta dinner, which was held the Friday evening prior to the race day. The contest awards were presented by Father Patrick Behm and the winning T-shirt design was revealed at that time.

“As a nice surprise, three of the student contest winners donated part of their cash prizes back to Mary’s Meals,” said Hubbell. “All the proceeds from the T-shirt sales, the sponsorship challenge and the pasta dinner event raised over $1,600 for the Holy Trinity Parish/ St. Edmond sponsored Mary’s Meals Kitchen and School in Malawi.”

The money from this fundraiser was added to Holy Trinity’s almsgiving amount of $17,073.66 for Mary’s Meals.

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