Kuemper Ball raises $628,830

CARROLL – The 2017 Kuemper Ball, “A Knight on the Red Carpet,” raised $628,830 for the Kuemper Catholic School System.

“The entire Kuemper community is what makes the ball such an incredible event led by our dedicated chair couples,” said John Steffes, Kuemper president. “The level of support from all different parts of the Kuemper family is the strength of the ball. Catholic education in the Carroll area with its proud tradition and heritage has a bright future. The best is yet to come for the Kuemper family. Go Knights!!”

The ball chair couples were Brett and Annie Greve, Jeff and Jayme Kock and Jeremy and Lisa Sommerfeld, all of Holy Family Parish, Lidderdale; and Ryan and Trish Tigges of St. Mary Parish in Willey.

“The Kuemper Ball is the work of many people,” said Alayna Hansen, annual giving and alumni director. “The chair couples have dedicated their time over the past year with multiple fundraisers and preparations for the ball.”

She said the chair couples have worn many hats and have “excelled at completing every task thrown their direction.”

“The list of people who work behind the scenes is humbling,” said Hansen. “All of these individuals have sacrificed countless hours with their families and friends to help ensure that the long tradition of high quality Catholic education is here to stay. Thank you to everyone who has had any part in making the Kuemper Ball what it is today.”

Trish Tigges acknowledged the ball was a night “to showcase our amazing teachers, staff, students, volunteers and school. We have been blessed to work with many of these people while we were ball chairs and this is why we chose to honor them tonight.”

“We are amazed at the generosity of people in our community as well as members of the Kuemper family who have donated to the ball from all over the world,” she said. “We understand that with the many changes happening throughout the diocese we face some challenges, but we want to say thank you for continuing to support Kuemper and its mission to provide a Christ-centered Education.”

During the presentation, Tim Fitzpatrick, who will retire this year, was recognized for 39 years as an educator in the Kuemper Catholic System.

“We are thankful for all he has done for the Kuemper System, and wish him the best in his future endeavors,” said Trish Tigges. “With Mr. Fitzpatrick’s retirement, we would like to introduce our future Athletic Director, Ryan Isgrig.”

This year there were 20 prizes raffled off and eight items auctioned off. This was also the fifth year of the ad raffle, which is sponsored by Haley Equipment, Olsen’s Outdoor Power and Van Wall Equipment.

This was the 11th year for the vehicle raffle and six dealers participated.

All of the Kuemper employees were thanked in a special way for their dedication to Kuemper with a drawing for a free personal day.

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