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Diocese announces 2017 Bishop’s Scholars


Three high school seniors from the Diocese of Sioux City have been named the 2017 Bishop’s Scholars.

This year’s recipients include Tiffany Braun, a student at Boone High School; Katie Logan, a student at Bishop Heelan High School in Sioux City and Valeria Magana, who is also a student at Bishop Heelan.

The scholarships to Briar Cliff University are awarded to students who exemplify initiative, demonstrate leadership in their community as well as have a strong academic performance and active faith life.

Reaction to news

Joy and thankfulness were Magana’s reactions to receiving the scholarship. She is very thankful to Bishop Walker Nickless for this honor because she knows it will be helpful.

“I want to thank Bishop Nickless for choosing me as a recipient of the bishop’s scholarship,” she said. “I will show my gratitude by putting my all into college and by continuing to volunteer in my community.”

Braun, a parishioner at Boone Sacred Heart, expressed gratitude and honor to be chosen for the scholarship because “Briar Cliff is where I want to attend college.”

She thanked Bishop Nickless for choosing her for the scholarship, which will help her fulfill her dream. Braun said she looked forward to having the bishop as a mentor.

“I was so excited to receive this scholarship because I have always been involved with my faith and this scholarship allows me to continue my journey through faith at Briar Cliff,” said Logan. “I wish to sincerely thank Bishop Nickless for this great award which allows me to attend Briar Cliff.”

Why Catholic education?

It is important to attend a Catholic university, Braun noted, because she wants to ensure the decisions she makes in everyday life, as well as her future in medicine, are consistent with her Catholic faith.

“I want to attend Briar Cliff because I like the community atmosphere, the opportunities available through campus ministry and the small class sizes,” she said. Braun plans to study pre-medicine and minor in psychology.

“It is very important to continue my Catholic education because I firmly believe that we as Catholics have the best education systems,” said Logan. “I believe that Briar Cliff will allow me to become closer to God and allow me to receive a great education.”

She said the main reason she wanted to attend Briar Cliff is because it feels like home.

“Everyone is so friendly and compassionate, and I would love to be a part of such a big family of supporters,” said Logan, who plans to major in elementary education and music. “Someday I hope to work in a Catholic school and continue my faith through that opportunity, should I have that option.”

Faith has always been an important part of Magana’s life and she wants to continue to grow.

“I want to attend Briar Cliff for several reasons,” she said. “Briar Cliff makes me feel a sense of community, which is one of the reasons I want to attend. Another reason I want to attend Briar Cliff is because it is a Catholic institution and my faith will not be left out of an important part of my life – college.”

Since Magana was little, she said she has always wanted to be a nurse. She believes that by becoming a nurse she will “be able to help people, which is something I love doing.”

Parish involvement

All of the scholarship recipients have been involved in the life of their parishes.

Logan, who is a member of Immaculate Conception, hopes to become a extraordinary minister of holy Communion in her parish.

At the Cathedral of the Epiphany, Magana is an altar server and she helps teach first Communion class.

At Sacred Heart Parish in Boone, Braun is an altar server and a leader in her youth group that is involved in various parish events such as the fall bazaar, summer work week, summer garage sale and the Amore Dinner fundraiser. She has attended the Steubenville Conference every year since the eighth grade.

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