Girls donate to Mary’s Choice


MOVILLE – Five girls from Immaculate Conception took the initiative to raise funds to donate to Mary’s Choice, a pregnancy resource center in Sioux City.

Paige Glackin, a sixth grader, called the parish secretary to set up a meeting with Father Brad Pelzel, pastor at Immaculate Conception. Paige, Brynn Kuntz and Sarah, Mary and Suzanne Putze met with the pastor to ask permission to have the bake sale.MarysChoiceBakeSale

The girls held a bake sale after 9 a.m. Mass on March 19. Paige made brownies, scotcheroos and bracelets. Brynn made cupcakes and Rice Krispie bars. Sarah made oatmeal toffee cookies and Mary made M & M cookies.

Mary, an eighth grader, said it sounded like fun and she thought “we could help babies with the things that they need. Many people in our parish gave support to our bake sale and I’m happy that the money will be used in a good way.”

The girls are happy to report they surpassed their goal of $100 and raised $350 to donate to Mary’s Choice.

Paige said she decided to make the donation to Mary’s Choice “because it is something that Brynn and I had done a couple years ago. We feel strongly about helping mothers and children who aren’t able to afford the proper things that are needed.”

“You shouldn’t just be able to decide if your baby is going to live or not,” said Paige. “Mary’s Choice helps prevent that. It makes me feel really good that there are people in this world like the people at Mary’s Choice that try to prevent that (an abortion) from happening. They try to help so it inspires me to do whatever I can to help, too.”

Brynn, also a sixth grader, said it makes her feel good to have raised money to help save “innocent babies’ lives.”

“It makes me so sad to hear that people think it is okay to kill a baby,” she said. “I believe we are all God’s sheep. He is so sad when one of those sheep dies without ever being able to live the lives he has so carefully planned for them.”

Sarah, an eighth grader, said Paige and Brynn brought it up and “it sounded like a good idea. I thought it would be nice to do this for Mary’s Choice to help them out with all that they do for families.”

“I was asked by Paige to help her and other girls with a plan they had to raise money for Mary’s Choice,” said Suzanne, who is in 11th grade. “It feels good to know that a donation is being made to a very worthy cause.”

Pam Kuntz, mother to three of the girls, is very proud of them.

“It was their idea to raise money for Mary’s Choice,” said Pam. “It is exciting to watch them put their faith into action, and be so outspoken about what they believe.”

Paige’s mother, Carol Glackin, said the youth “can make a difference in a powerful way.”

“It is dangerous and presumptuous to believe that abortion is accepted by all young women today,” Carol said. “This is an example that killing unborn babies is far from accepted and this generation just may be the one that puts an end to it.”

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